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Greetings friends. It is nearly the New Year of 2006. The days are still dark and cold, but the Solstice and New Year give a sense of returning light and resolve to change. I hope you are nourishing yourself as best you can with whole and organic foods.

This turning of the year brings about a time of reflection of the passed year, and setting intentions for the next. Many of our new year’s resolutions are focused on creating a healthier more joyful life, tapping into our unique human potential, and sharing precious moments with those we love. (as well as losing those extra 10 holiday pounds)

Though our intentions and heart are true, the resolve of the resolution often dissolves around January 5th and we fall easily back into our familiar habits. What to do?

Are you ready for a healthy mind and body, to understand the importance of food, nutrition, and exercise, to learn cooking and yoga, and to commit to long term positive change? Are you ready for, maybe, one of those things? I am ready to support you!

One on one support and education is what is needed to make our resolutions stick. Earlier this year I created Nourishing the Whole as a Certified Natural Chef and Yoga Instructor, and just a few weeks ago, completed my Nutrition Certification.

For your healthy New Year’s resolution, I am offering the initial 2 hour consultation, for the price of a 1 hour consultation. Or for existing clients, I am offering a 1 hour consultation for 1/2 price. This offer is available for the month of JANUARY ONLY. I want to see you step onto a path of health and happiness soon!

Health and nutrition are subjects difficult to grasp, especially when the media seems to spit out a new fangled fad or food every few months. Understanding the traditional wisdom of native cultures, fine tuned to our bio-chemical individuality, is to understand the basic nourishment the body craves.

Some topics and questions we will discuss:
+ Why are whole, organic, seasonal, local and diversified foods so important?
+ Why are refined foods, especially refined flours, depleting to the body?
+ Why are grains so allergenic, difficult to digest, and the source of much ill health and weight gain?
+ How come whole unadulterated fat doesn’t make you fat?
+ Why are saturated fats and essential fatty acids (EFAs) healthy, while vegetable oils not healthy?
+ Why are most vitamins on the market (which are synthetic) detrimental to health, and a waste of money?
+ What are the two low-gylcemic natural sugars I can use instead of white sugar?
+ How are sea vegetables (seaweeds) so healing, and how do I prepare them?
+ What are cultured vegetables, and how can they heal my digestion?
+ How do I make a traditional stock that is the basis of vitality?
+ What is the first and foremost step to nourishing my body and spirit? (email me back and I will let you know!)


Nutritional Coach
Personal Chef
Cooking Classes
Personalized Yoga
Supported Detoxes
Lectures and Events

Please email me if you are interested in receiving a brochure and more information in the mail. I look forward to hearing from you.

‘The skillful use of food is far superior to any medicine.’ Thich Nhat Hanh

Be well.
Laura Ciapponi

Certified Natural Chef
Certified Nutrition Educator
Certified Yoga Teacher


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  • I love reading your articles on all sorts of health topics. The photography is amazing and can't wait to see what you'll post up after your trip.

    See ya!

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